I Save 20 Hours Per Week Using These Toolbar Plug Ins

Peter Shankman, founder of Help A Reporter Out, and a co-speaker at an event that I gave a lecture at this year told a story about his first productivity hack ever.

For medical reasons, he used to carry around a portable word processor when he was in grade-school. The idea was for this to be able to write down notes from the classroom since he had a some issues processing information without writing things down.


Check out this HemingWrite piece. It’s an axe…

At first this was a source for a lot of pain, since the word processor was bulky (this was a few decades ago) and no one had ever seen anyone carrying around a big box to take notes in class with.

Soon, young Peter realized that this was a pretty valuable device, because with one class period of focus and note taking, he could provide other people with notes from the class. Bing!



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I can’t imagine what ensued after that, probably something that looked like him providing other students with notes from the class. That not only got them off of his back, but saved the other people time.

They could goof around and just study the notes before the test.

You’ve probably heard of this method of education. It may even be something you practiced when you were in school.

Personally, I would never do anything like that. (If you’re reading this Mom.)

These days, you probably have you own versions of short cuts you take, but let’s face it…you need more time.

Time, is the great equalizer, right? Think about it like this..you have the same amount of time as


  • Bill Gates
  • Mark Zuckerberg
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Emmitt Smith (if you know who he is, you’re really a fan)
  • Anyone else who wants to be on this list.

There is a point apart for me creating a list that those people all appear on together. The point is, you’ve got 24 hours. Spend it wisely.


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You’d be surprised how productivity you can squeeze into those hours if you give it a shot and use the right tools, and how many hours you can save in your lifetime!


This chart is from Zoho.com, a popular CRM for teamwork. I bet if you reported everything, you’d get almost 30% less work done, and lose hundreds of hours over a period of months.

So today, I’m going to show you how I’ve saved over 20 hours a week, right where it hits everyone practically, in your browser.

That thing you’re staring at right now, yup.

It can be the great distractor or the window to anything you want. It all depends on how you use it.

Remember, all that matters is what you do with your time. So let’s focus on that today.


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You could make more money, spend more time with your family or have time start that business on the side you’ve been wanting to.

Today, I’m going to show you exactly how to save over 20 hours per week, using your browser. I do need to warn you that this will take self discipline.

If you’re not willing to start being self disciplined, stop reading now. if you are willing to apply this, I guarantee it will change your life.

Let’s begin…

Tab Cloud Bookmarks Extension


Know how you’ve got a million tabs open, and then when you lose them because your computer shuts off or Chrome crashes? You go searching for that “oh so important” tab that you had open, right? No more.

This plugin actually saves your tabs in a never ending sort of way so that you can go back at any time and retrieve all of them. No more searching through your recently opened tabs.

Awesome Screenshot Browser Plugin


This is one of the most used tools that I have in my daily routine. I’m constantly clipping, sharing, collaborating with portions of a website to work with staff all over the world. This thing works like a charm.

It saves you time from searching through folders, folling around with a design app just to annotate or redact something you don’t want to show. The additional cropping feature is my favorite, because you should always re-think your focus and sizes.

Google Chromecast Plug In


I know I know, it doesn’t seem like a time saver, but it is.

For those of you that are content power viewers, you’ve probably taken HDMI cables in a suitcase a time or two, or have wanted to watch something at home, and had to go through setting up a connected near by computer, right?

No more. This tool is great. There have been many times where it’s saved me. I’m a big believer in timing, and putting the right background noise or content on at the right time. This let’s you just that in matter of seconds.

Gone are the “Umm can you hang on a few minutes while I start this.” and say hello to immediate “Nexflix and chill” time.

Evernote Web Clipper Plugin


This tool easily saves me 3 hours a week.


If you’re not using Evernote in general, use it. This tool can clip things from the web and dump them into your Evernote so you can read later. It’s literally your “I need to save this but don’t know where to” tool. Everything is there for you to reference later.

I save receipts, booking info, photos, articles I want to read and more. If you keep Evernote up on your computer, the software will sync and stay up to date. That means on those long traveling sessions when you don’t have service, you’ll have lots of reading to catch up on.

Shout to Larry Wong for putting me on this one.

Rank Signals Browser Plugin


This one saves time if you’re looking at web page stats like I do constantly. You’ll get everything you would previously need to visit over 8 websites to find, all in 1 click. What’s great is that it gives me the information I need to make decisions on this page, and if I stay on that page for whatever marketing purposes.

In a previous life, we all spent time drilling into a blog or website to try and find out how much reach they had socially and traffic wise. No more. For a marketer, this will save you at least 5 hours a week.

Social Analytics Browser Plugin


This tool social all the social stats you probably need to determine if the site, or the person is something that’s worth pursuing a relationship with.

I know that sounds superficial, but if you’re in marketing you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

The tool can show you how much reach and social influence a particular site has, and it’ll also give you all of the page’s social networks. No more searching all over the page. Time saved – at least 1 hour per week.

EverContact Chrome Plug In


I bet you’ve spent time stalking someone online that you’re emailing with. Personal, business, anything…truth is, we all want to know who we’re talking to.

This tool starts the slaking for you.

Right from your browser you can see who they are because the tool searches for their social profiles and other related information, This thing saves time so you don’t have to go copy and pasting their name into different networks and Google. Time saved – 1 hour per week.

Impactana Chrome Plugin


For advanced productivity hackers only. This tools helps you get more information on blogs that you may want to work with, social media influencers and reports the most important data to you.

If you’re looking for authors to work with, and how influential they are, this is the tool for you. There’s an entire suite behind this tool too, but the Chrome extension is a great way to keep lots of data about an author at your fingertips.

ToDoist Productivity Chrome Plugin


If you’re into list apps, this is the best one in the business and because of that, you guessed it. They have a Chrome plug in. This one is great to quickly scan your list of things to do and keep things organized.

you can cross things off of you e list without ever opening the app on your computer, just keep things nice and neat of the tool becomes useless. Time saved – 4 hours per week.

This is really just the beginning of times saving with this tool as a whole. I highly recommend checking out the complete suite for lots of times saving ideas. One of the best blogs out there about time saving.

Hootsuite Chrome Plug In Suite


I’m calling this one a ‘suite’ because Hootsuite goes beyond the browser plug in. They’ve also got a mouse and web page tools suite that helps you save time. You’ll see these once you install the browser extension.

These tools specifically help people who are social media power users, and need to be tactical about posting, scheduling and collecting data from around the web to share. if you’re a marketer, this will easily save you 4-5 hours per week.

Moz Chrome Extension


This tool is one of the most classic time saving tools. For marketers, and webmasters of all kind, this will give you Moz ranking signals, and tell you if a site is performing, and in some cases, give you insight on if it’s a site you want to do marketing with.

The key here is to have a paid Moz account. The plug in will show a lot more rich data about the website if you have a paid account. You’ll get ranking factors and a lot more. When you’re looking at a Google search results page you’ll be able to see the stats about all the pages listed on the screen.

BuzzStream Chrome Plugin


The last one on my list today is probably the most time saving plug ins of all. If you’re a marketer, you know that looking for partners to do a piece of content marketing with is long, hard work.

Buzzstream’s plugin helps you add authors you’d like to reach out to later right then while you’re on the page. There’s a bit of a learning curve to this, and if you’re looking for social signals, you’ll need to use BuzzSumo. Overall the tool is Great! Time saved 5 hours per week.

There you have it. I didn’t calculate, but that’s well over 20 hours of saving in a week.

If you’d like to waste a ton of time looking through apps that are supposed to save you time, that’s counter-productive, but you can look through all of the apps in the Chrome Store. In some cases, if you don’t apply the principles of time saving (discipline, good habits, etc.) you’ll waste tons of time.

If you want to read how to develop principles on activities to form habits from so you’re a more productive person over all…I recommend reading Getting Things Done by David Allen. He’s the man!

Or, you can check out this infographic by DesignTaxi.com


Bottom line: Stop wasting time. And stick to it, you’ll accomplish so much more than you ever thought you could.